Algorithms and Data Structure Design Edit

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Includes the expected schedule for Frank Lin's course, with lecture topics and notes for each lecture.

Linux commands in a small cheat sheet, some that the students might need to use for their programming projects. Most students will most likely be using TightVNC, but since some might use PuTTY there's a use for it. Chmod might be useful, if anyone asks about file permissions.

A tutorial for writing to and reading from files using C++. The first programming exam on Prof. Lin's site includes File I/O, so the students might want to go over that.

Time complexities for a few sorting algorithms, as well as for data structures. At the end there are asymptotic growth guides to help recognize the differences between Big-O, Big-Omega, etc. It also contains Wikipedia links to each algorithm.

Videos to satisfy the one programmer that wanted to see sorting algorithms represented as folk dances. Surprisingly helpful and a chance to pick up new moves at the same time.